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Home » Bankroll Blockaye – “Chosen” ft. Devin Tyler (Single)

Bankroll Blockaye – “Chosen” ft. Devin Tyler (Single)

Upcoming Alabama-based rapper Bankroll Blockaye returns with his latest single “Chosen” featuring Devin Tyler. Consistently dropping singles on SoundCloud, Blockaye has quickly grew a cult-like fanbase while making serious noise in the underground. “Chosen” further explores his ability to deliver on melodic hooks, featuring a signature, infectious chorus sung by Blockaye. Only getting started in music in 2020, Blockaye has come a long way as an independent artist.

“I wanted to try something new in my life and prove to people that anything is possible when you work hard to chase your dreams… I started developing a passion more and more as I was recording and getting getter” – Bankroll Blockaye on his beginnings in music.

Although he’s relatively new to music, he is a humble veteran of social media. It’d be wrong to discuss Blockaye without mentioning his meme page that has accumulated almost 700,000 followers on Instagram. Having this knowledge in marketing and connections in the community will surely only benefit him in his musical ventures. Being well-known on the internet will continue to have its’ strengths as he is able to subtly and effectively promote his music to an engaged audience. Beyond his social media abilities, Blockaye is a talented artist with unlimited potential. Saying that we’re excited to watch Blockaye’s evolution would be an understatement – we’ll be following closely on his inevitable rise to fame. For now, check out his latest track “Chosen” below!

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Xeon yen
Xeon yen
1 year ago

Biggest fan of his song’s 💜

1 year ago

Fw it 💥✨

Super Saiyan
Super Saiyan
1 year ago

Everyday i enjoy your song’s 💜

1 year ago

fukin op

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