7evvy – Interview [June 2022]

The music industry is vast like the sea. And there are many struggling to gain recognition for their work. They are trying new things trying new genres trying everything for their listeners. And with the proper support, they will go to the top one day. Like this, we have with us today “7evvy”. He is an artist with the potential of a great music artist. He is gaining his reputation slowly step by step. Here is a short interview we have taken from him. He is gonna share his journey with us so that many can get motivated. He is an example that if you are trying something with passion you are going to succeed.



– Massachusetts

– Alternative. Cause this category uses voice distortion and electronic instruments, bringing back that classic brit-pop sound again. Alternative music is the most versatile music out there, therefore making it the best genre of music due to its ability to please massive audiences.

– Creating new ideas and sharing those ideas with people who can relate. Music connects people with the tone they love.

– I got into producing from watching 808 Mafia make beats on youtube and I’d say I got into rapping and singing from artists/groups like Tech N9ne, Three 6 Mafia, and Kanye West, Lil Peep, Yung Lean, Lil Wayne, and Eminem.

– A lot of musicians inspire me so it’s hard to narrow it down like that, but I’d say Gustav Elijah Åhr aka Lil Peep for sure just because of how he fused rap and sad emo alternative rock to create his own sound and in my opinion own genre.

– My voice because it’s the fastest and easiest way to get melodies in my head out to the world.

– Playing nostalgic video games like Kingdom Hearts and Zelda and watching anime like Black Clover, Vampire Knight, Bleach, Naruto, Jujutsu Kaisen, and more oh and reading books and manga.

– Haring my pain and experiences with the world to help others who are struggling with their mental health. Music is a medicine for people who are under mental pressure. It has the ability to calm the heart and mind.

– I look for a beat that really inspires me then I usually write and record to it that same day – I call it “building momentum” because if I wait too long I forget how I was supposed to sound over that particular beat.

– Not being afraid to share what I’ve gone through and to care less about being judged in general. If a musician can’t express their inner feelings of himself to the audience then it cants reach the audience. So musicians should have the ability to express the inner feelings of their hearts to reach the audience.

– Authenticity and charm.

– Yes there has been and I’ve helped them to pick beats that they’ll really shine on and to pace themselves when singing over a beat.

– Not yet but I will be performing my first show on June 18th!

– I’d say somewhere outside.

– “dark crystal!”, is available on SoundCloud.


– “P!nk”, is available on Spotify.

– Self-confidence is a huge one for me.

– Being true to myself and not being afraid to be vulnerable.

– Never give up!

– Drippin So Pretty or Convolk.

– To gain more recognition and a solid fan base.

Check out 7evvy on

Thank you very much 7evvy for your time and for answering these questions. We hope for a better future. And your impressive ambition of yours to help the people who are struggling with mental health is very generous of you. Music can heal a man’s soul and we think your music will go worldwide one day

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Super Saiyan
Super Saiyan
2 years ago

Damm, I’m so impressed… he’s an otaku too 😮😮😮….i also like Black Cover and Naruto 🥶🥶

Kaisi Meera
Kaisi Meera
2 years ago

Just going through his stuffs and try really like this one….fw it man

2 years ago

He’s so cool ngl 🔥

2 years ago

Incredible cover by Genixeon…and this guy is really dope 💥

2 years ago

7evvy… haaa

2 years ago

this interview will be iconic

2 years ago

P!nk” is fireee

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