Creo Loo – WAKE UP [Review]

Creo Loo – WAKE UP

“WAKE UP” it’s time to shine. Phoenix Arizona Based artist Creo Loo released his latest track “Wake Up”. This is a rap song and the main instrument for the music is Guitar 808s and drums. This is a very meaningful rap song.  The lyrics of the song are very long and every line represents a different meaning of life. 

To succeed in life there is no easy way, u should have a plan and according to the plan u have to work hard. To succeed u have to work extra after completing the routine work. And if there is work u missed yesterday then today is the do day u have to complete that.

“Everyday I wake up uh and get my cake up for all the damn time that I wasted I gotta make up 

my minds blurry visions fuzzy fuck it I’m still waking up early got getting blazed and getting paid on my itinerary”

There is a verse where the song represents the law system. Everything in the world evolves but the law evolves so slow and for that, they create rebel and thugs if the law evolves with the day to day life then people are going to accept that but if it doesn’t run with your life you never going to accept that and then they will make u the prisoner. 

“Must read the book to evolve 

Follow the righting ass law 

Turn a blind eye to the flaws 

No I can’t except that 

Why tf they accept that?“

To success grinding is the key and if you don’t get what u want that grinding will not go waste it will help you in any work in the future u cannot imagine. Success always comes through hard work and those who wait longer grind harder that success lasts long. 

“Gotta protect the grind everyday that I wake up cause you know I gotta get that cake up yup 

Like the beat don’t switch up when the cake come 

I may have dropped out at 16 but I ain’t that dumb”

 “ “If you see it then you gotta believe it that you can archive it your Goals are just future manifestations work to receive” this is to reassure everyone that any dream of there can become a reality with hard work and believing in yourself may sound corny but not doubting yourself is the first key to a successful future”

-Creo Loo

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So the music, lyrics, and voice combo were so good to be a perfect rap song and the meaning of the song will attract more listeners. People love good music with meaningful lyrics and this song is one of them. So don’t waste time, stream the song and give love to the creator get motivated and wake up it’s time to shine in life

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Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken
2 years ago

Such a good banger, amazing song it is just perfect

2 years ago

I loved the song 🎵🎶🎵🎶

2 years ago

this song is legendary.
Also, in my opinion, Creo Loo is a rare artist.

2 years ago

I accidentally found this song and now I’m never leaving it. A touching cover

Chad Mabe
Chad Mabe
2 years ago

ayyyy fire fam

2 years ago

I like this

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