ER Black – Lie [Review]

Artist ER Black from New Jersey released his recent single track titled “LIE”. the song’s length is approx 2 minutes. The genre of the music is HipHop and it also goes under the genre of spoken words. hip-hop spoken word is a genre that combines the rhythmic and storytelling elements of hip-hop with the emotional depth and social consciousness of spoken word poetry. It continues to evolve and inspire artists and audiences alike with its powerful messages and creative expressions. Like traditional hip-hop music, hip-hop spoken word features a distinct rhythmic flow. Artists often use intricate patterns of syllables, rhymes, and wordplay to create a compelling and engaging delivery.

Instruments used to produce the masterpiece are drums, bass and lead guitars, vocals, etc. the song is self-produced and the artist proved his professionalism with this song. The beats of the song are very smooth it giving the proper hip-hop feel and then it blends with the storytelling with the magical voice of the artist.

The start of the lyrical part of the song sets a reflective and introspective tone, indicating a period of contemplation about the past. This could imply significant life changes or challenges. No one can live alone but sometimes we feel like we do not need anyone in our life everyone goes through this period and the artist tried to recreate the feel for the listeners. Life is complicated and everyone has a double face. They live a happy life on social media and nobody knows about the reality. They know about the golden time of ours through social media but deep inside they do not know what we are going through.  Everyone battles with their own demon but when anyone wants to know how are we then we lie to their face and that is the reality of life.

“Continuous dichotomy splitting me down the middle Asking who am I and it feels like the biggest riddle Keep it all inside until it bubbles and starts to sizzle They’ll never see you cry if they ask say your fine Lie”

So, without further ado, head to your preferred music platform hit that play button, and let the music of ER Black’s latest creation be your guide. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world they’ve meticulously crafted and let the melody be the soundtrack to your moments.

In the midst of life’s chaos, ER Black offers you an opportunity to pause, reflect, and feel. Their song is not just an arrangement of sounds; it’s a vessel of emotions waiting to be explored. Let it be your companion during quiet evenings, exhilarating road trips, or moments of introspection.

This is more than a song; it’s an experience waiting to unfold. Allow the music to envelop you, the lyrics to resonate within you, and the artist’s passion to ignite your own. Your journey with ER Black’s music begins now – let the symphony of discovery commence.

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10 months ago

This song makes you feel in another world , I love it<3

10 months ago

Omg its so amazing i loved it

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