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Ethan Cage – Wanna Go Back [Review]

Artist from St.Louis Missouri, Ethan Cage, recently released his track titled “Wanna Go Back”. The song is from the album “The Lonely Tape 2:Dimension Flashback”. The song’s genre is pop. He is gaining popularity in this genre. He is a promising artist. Instruments used for music production are piano, drums, synthesis, and many more. The song is around two minutes long and creates a lot of hype.

The music section of the song is soothing. The beats are slow at first, creating a mesmerizing environment and holding until the last. He used the beats perfectly and the lyrics just blend in with the beats.

The lyrical part of the song holds the lead role. In the realm of music, there exists a unique power to transport us back to cherished moments in time. “Wanna Go Back” is a lyrical masterpiece that brilliantly captures this sentiment, painting a vivid picture of longing for a place and time where authenticity and healing were paramount. He wanted to go back to the place where he could fill the crack of his wounded heart. 

There was a time when everyone played around they were happy and everyone had their own people who looked their back. As time goes people become alone in their own world. They need someone to look their back to but it’s a matter of truth that as a long time goes people become alone and they always think about going back to that time they were happy. 

“I hope you love or relate to this track because this track isn’t just about how I feel this track is about how everyone feels about the good times the times that felt more real. So if you have listened thank you so much to all my lonely rockstars out there.” -Ethan Cage

Check Out Ethan Cage

The artist has crafted a musical gem that demands your attention. He has proven himself as a rising star on the music scene, ready to make waves and capture hearts. The song’s captivating lyrics, mesmerizing melody, and powerful vocals will resonate with listeners of all backgrounds, making it a must-listen for music enthusiasts everywhere. Don’t wait; let the music speak for itself. Give “Wanna Go Back” a listen today, and get ready to become a devoted fan of Ethan Cage’s enchanting artistry. The song is available on Spotify. 

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5 months ago

Yooo I’ve listened to pop music but man these songs hit different 🔥🔥🔥 love the lonely rockstar attire…. Just wow🔥🔥🥀

Ethan Cage
Ethan Cage
5 months ago
Reply to  Eli

Thank you lonely gang 🤘🏽🥀🌌

4 months ago

let’s fakin gooooo man

Ethan Cage
Ethan Cage
4 months ago
Reply to  Roya

U already know 💯🫡

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