Matthew Nino Azcuy (MNA) – Letter [Review]

Artist Matthew Nino Azcuy known as in short MNA from  Washington DC released his latest track “Letter”. The genre of the track is HipHop or also be categorized as Rap. The song is produced by his own production house called MNA Industries. Various instruments were used to produce the music but cause it’s a romantic hip-hop song, there is the use of piano. 

The musical part of the song creates a slow but ear-sooting environment at the start of the song. And after the part beat came up and the beat was exceptional with the right piano tone. The lyrical part of the song covers the beat which creates a romantic vibe and goes right with the lyrics. The song is about three minutes long. 

The lyrical part of the song contains about 2 verses with an intro and outro. First of all the song’s title is based on a letter and the letter was for his love answering the question if he was still in love and the answer was no. Also if he believes in themselves the answer was also no. but the main theme is he still wants to run away from reality with her. He is trying to be strong.

“No my love 

 I think I’ve  had enough. 

Hating on each other 

Hating the days 

Hating the fights 

And all our mistakes 

All of our pain 

All of our shame 

All of our life 

All of our hate 

think our minds 

Are an ocean away 

Still think about 

Running away 

with you”

The second verse is thinking about the time they passed together. Then love is lost but they were crazy when they were in love. Now he is all alone thinking about the pain will be gone. And the outro is about accepting the truth that he still feels the same she is in his heart. Dreaming about holding her in his arms. The hardest part of his life was letting her go. And he knows that without her life would not be the same. she is his life and his pain also.

Dreaming  now 

That you’re in my arms 

The Hardest part 

Was to let you go 

Gotta let you know 

 never be the same 

You’re still here 

You’re my life 

& you’re my pain 

& you’re my pain

Now, the song is not just good, it’s a true masterpiece. The production quality is top-notch, and the lyrical and musical parts, they’re mixed together like the sweetest of harmonies. Folks over on SoundCloud are singin’ its praises, and you know what? They’re absolutely right! So, don’t go dilly-dallyin’, y’all. Go ahead, stream the song, show it some love, and hop on board MNA’s journey to the top.

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11 months ago

Gonna check it out rn

11 months ago

I liked this banger

11 months ago

Love it fr

10 months ago

I love this song very much

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