This is Dubxo

I’ve been making music for just about 7 months, I was publishing them under a different name dubbdun.I changed my name to dubxo and moved SoundCloud accounts and have been uploading tracks quite often whenever I get the chance to record.
Me and my friends wanted to make a collaborative group where we all made music back in 2019 because we were inspired by Lil peep, lil tracy, Black Kray, Bones, Bladee, Yung Lean, basically all the fundamentals to underground SoundCloud music. One of the friends drifted apart, but my other friend and I still make music, sometimes together.

 I don’t necessarily know how to describe my music because but I guess it could fall under the “cloud rap” “emo rap/trap” category but I don’t really like to throw a label on it.
The origin behind my name is pretty simple to be honest. my real name starts with a W and my dad and his band mates would call me Dubs growing up
My entire life I’ve been surrounded by music, my dads a musician and has been making music since before I was born. Growing up with my mom and dad I would always hear pop punk or alternative rock. We never really listened to the radio we used burnt CDs, but I would hear bands like My Chemical Romance, Weezer, Pavement, And Blink 182. I’d say one of my biggest inspirations is Tom Delonge, the whiney vocals are really catchy and have definitely impacted the way I record my vocals.

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Eventually growing up I found my own favorite artists such as Bones, Yung Lean, Lil peep, Brakence and zillakami. I realized I wanted to make my own music, I started writing my freshmen year of high school but never took any of it seriously only because I didn’t have the confidence. But my senior year of high school I constantly ditched school and was facing truancy charges
during that time I’d record music on my iPhone and earbuds.
Eventually I was able to switch to home schooling, after that I started releasing my music, and have been ever since

My plans for the future is to keep recording music, meet more people in the community and hopefully meet other artists who have a similar style.

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2 years ago

Such a talented young artist!

2 years ago

idk who u r is too good

2 years ago

love with him

1 year ago

This is so good ✨

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