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Dethbed – Rich shit

“RICH SHIT” a single track written by Joe and performed by Dethbed and Belis is a perfect alternative gendered music ever produced. The song can be categorized as hyper pop and also as rap/hip-hop. The use of Piano synths and 808s in the music makes an engaging impression on their song. The instrumental part of the song will fell give the vibe of the best music production. The vocals were too good to mix their voice scale with the music. 

Talking about the lyrics the song represents a life of richness. If you are rich there will be different notions in your mind you will be able to do anything. People will always want to be close to you even if you don’t want like the verse in the song

“I know I don’t know you”

He not my friend

I know I don’t want her

She want my Benz”

The rhythm of the lyrics is too good and for a better rap song rhythm is ver important Joeymedina focused on that. Not only rhythm the meaning of the lyrics is too good as we can see in the verse 

“I be on my rich shit

Hop out the Benz

I don’t give a shit bitch

Like fuck fake friends”

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Here he matched the rhythm and he said if you become rich there will be many fake friends and don’t give priority to them. So the song not only has good music it has good lyrics, perfect vocals, almost perfect everything. Accumulating nearly 8.5k streams in his track. The song is available on Spotify. So make sure to check out the single “RICH SHIT” and give love and follow if u like it.

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Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken
1 year ago

this song is a masterpiece 💕💕

sen keon
sen keon
1 year ago

The song takes you to another world

1 year ago

Yesterday I fail in exams
Now I’m hearing this song alone

1 year ago

This man’s music inspired me to become the best version of myself. Everyday I think to myself, “do I have what it takes?” “If I work hard enough, can I be like him?” The wise king speaks a river of truths in which I need to sail upon. Each word that comes out of his mouth more sacred than the last. His gospel moves me in ways I can only imagine what it must feel like to stare into the eyes of God.

1 year ago

This isn’t a song, this is a piece of art at another level.

1 year ago

This is fire 🔥

Last edited 1 year ago by Malik
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